May 7, 2021

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The Smartest Pen in the World (TPK)

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LiveScribeF2Mark Fantham (Ngati Porou) sells the smartest pen in the world called the Pulse Smartpen. The Pulse Smartpen writes, records, translates, solves math, tells date and time, converts handwriting to text and shares files and much more.

It is the perfect pen for journalists, secretaries, note-takers, students and anyone writing minutes. You record and link what you hear to what you write and then you listen to your recordings by tapping on what you wrote. You can also share your notes and recordings with colleagues, friends, wh?nau and classmates by emailing them.

Once my friend in America showed me the pen there was no looking back I knew that this was some piece of fantastic technology that would take off in New Zealand and help everyone, says Mark Fantham. It blew me away and Im sure it will do the same for everyone else interested in purchasing the smartpen, he says.

LiveScribeCLivescribe New Zealand is the national distributor of the Pulse Smartpen.

Mark needed business support and help to further develop and grow his business so he turned to Te Puni Kokiris Maori Business Facilitation Service.

Its been fantastic working with Te Puni Kokiri because they gave me a mentor that understood my business needs and direction, says Mark.

Livescribe New Zealand is currently working on developing the Maori language based applications for the Smartpens translation capabilities and is seeking to work with expert Maori linguists on a joint venture. If you are interest in supporting the Maori language applications of Smartpen please contact Mark.

(Source | Kokiri (TPK)

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