May 15, 2021

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BOOK: Hoha the Taniwha by Aunty Bea (launch Fri 30 Apr, Rotorua Library @5.30pm)

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A bilingual story about Hoha a lovely taniwha who is evicted from his village of Awahou on the shores of Lake Rotorua because he snores too loudly.He makes his home on Mokoia Island in the middle of Lake Rotorua, but there the villagers also get angry at his loud snoring at night keeping them all awake. They throw kakahi and stones at him, he is very sad. A little boy Teraki becomes his friend and finds a nice warm safe place for Hoha to sleep.

One night Hoha is awakeand can see enemies approaching so opens up his big waha and roarsvery loudlyto awaken the villagers. They rush out of their whare and see the enemy approaching in their waka and give chase frightening them away. Hoha becomes a hero, he is rewarded with a taonga and his very own whare.

About the Book:
Aunty Bea narrates the story in both english and maori and sings waiata which she also composed and wrote.
A beautiful story with wonderful illustrations and a funmusical CD with very catchy tunes.
A must for every family, school, kohanga, pre school and marae.

About the Author:
Aunty Beais into her 50th year of teaching this year. Shewrote Hoha te Taniwha & One Day a Taniwha and many more books on A3 paper in the 1970’s and had her Lakes High students illustrate them when she was appointed the first Maori itinerant teacher in the Rotorua rohe. As there were no resources she had to make her own.

Gay Kingi found these in the back of her class room when relieving for Beatrice and encouraged her to publish them. Theyestablished theIhenga Charitable Trust to raise funding and publish.

Beatrice haspublished 9 other books with Learning Media and other publishers such as Pererika te Poraka, Papa, Mama, Tapu, Hohepa te Puru. Many of these have been translated intootherlanguages.

Hoha te Taniwha will be launched on Friday night at the Rotorua Library 5:30pm 30th April.

For further information contact
Gay Kingi 07 3457186 027 2701529
[email protected]

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