May 13, 2021

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Maori Facebook Group grows to 12,424!

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With the thought of Bebo closing down (it’s so 2009 anyway) more and more people are joining the Facebook addiction. Amid the random groups such as I wanna talk to you on facebook, but we hardly talk in real life so I won’t and When i was your age, i was looking after a tamagotchi, not a baby; Maori groups are using Facebook as a way to really connect and interact while creating strong and vibrant networks.

Proud2BMaoriFI’M PROUD TO BE A MAORI with over 12,400 members. The group was created on Waitangi Day 2009 and has a great support time behind the the scenes.

From what we can tell this is the largest MOST active Maori group out there and considering it’s happened in just over 3 months is a great effort.

The mission of the group is to connect with other Proud Maori who share similar values. Band together in an effort to find strength and support in numbers.

The goal of the group is to see if they can create a massive group of Proud Maori, in the one place…in order to share the pride, share the aroha, tetahi ki tetahi…

Questions are asked daily with comments numbering in the 30s, 40s and 50s highs in the 200s!The most recent question asked was “should the NZRU apologise? or maybe Maori should Hikoi during the 2011 World Cup?”

So check it out so you can tell your Facebook Whanau

**?I’M? PROUD? TO? BE? A? MAORI?**

A few Maori-relevant highlights include:

2 thoughts on “Maori Facebook Group grows to 12,424!

  1. Yes there are alot of Maori who are proud of who they are, me for one have always emphasaised two important things to my babies the first is being a scholar would be great but being a good person is more important and always be proud of who you are; "KIA MAU KI TO MAORITANGA " Loving this hard!!!

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