May 9, 2021

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NEW BOOK: People of the Land by Hirini Moko Mead & June Te Rina Mead

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People of the Land by Hirini Moko Mead & June Te Rina Mead
Huia Publishers, RRP $35

Reading the new book People of the Land by Hirini Moko Mead & June Te Rina Mead takes me back to days sitting up late at night with my koro, reading whakatauki and pepeha (proverbs) from small books collected and collated over the years.

He said it was a good way to remind him of the wisdom held by our old people and that these would help keep his wairua steady through the turbulent days. We would sleep and then deep in the morning, I would again hear him awake before the raising of the sun to karakia (chant, prayer) as an affirmation of the taonga of life.

This stunning pictoral book contains simple messages of Maori, such as:

People of the LandHe rau ringa e oti ai
With many hands, the job will be finished.

E whakairo ana mai to tipuna
In your art, we see the skills of your ancestors

Ruia taitea, kia tu ko taikaka anake
Cast aside the sapwood and gather up the red heartwood.

The last pepeha is a proverb that advises to strip away the sapwood and take hold of the heartwood that is strong. It applies to making judgements about how to choose firneds, picking the good solid friends, over less reliable ones.

This beautiful book makes a wonderful gift, especially with Mothers Day coming up or to send overseas to whanau who want to remain connected, reminded and energised.

If you are interested in purchasing, click here or order from your local bookshop. Kia ora Matua Hirini raua ko Whaea June.

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