May 11, 2021

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Is this your Kuia?

1 min read was sent a photograph from Raewyn Paewai at Manukau City Council. They are trying to find out who this Kuia is and what the occasion was. In fact if anyone can identify any of the people that would be wonderful. What we do know is that the photograph was taken in 1970, and possibly in Papakura, but could have been Manukau.

Please let us know if YOU know anything, would be a great way to use our kumara vine!


2 thoughts on “Is this your Kuia?

  1. We've uploaded a better photo, please have a look and let us know and we'll pass on your details to those that are wishing to identify this whaea. Thanks for writting in! Mauri ora!

  2. The photo isn't the best and I could be wrong but, this kuia looks a lot like a grand aunt of mine. They all tend to look similar though. I don't know the occasion however, te kuia resided in Otara at the time & then moved to Pawarenga in the late 70s early 80s.

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