May 15, 2021

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RDC Kerbside Recycling – 60 second Submission

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Recently the Rotorua District Council (RDC) commissioned an independent consulting firm to conduct an analysis of our solid waste management including looking at recycling business cases.

Of the options identified the RDC prefers option 4B – which is to maintain the status quo – i.e. stick with the drop-off recycling centres -i.e. NO kerbside recycling.

Remember that RDC has to implement, by law, what us the ratepayers want. The problem is nobody ever tells the Council what they want.

Using the internet making a submission couldn’t be easier. It only took me 60 seconds.

  • Simply make a submission online by clicking thislink.

KerbsideRecycleCEnter your name, phone, address and where it says “Your Submission” cut and paste this phrase “Dear Mayor and Councilors,I would like to see Kerbside Recycling implemented in Rotorua and therefore support option 3B of the Annual Plan.”Then hit the submit button.

Every vote counts. You have the power. You can make a difference. Please make a submission.

FYI option 3B in favour of kerbside recycling will cost you less than two bucks a week and you get a groovy wheelie bin for your recycling.

2 thoughts on “RDC Kerbside Recycling – 60 second Submission

  1. I feel kerbside recycling should be mandatory for all councils, it just needs more policies, I read all the cons in the other opinion but I think if household were given strict guidelines to adhere to then it could possily stop households from leaving left over foods etc in their recycling and that maybe that their bottles and plastics are reasonably cleaned. If they don,t stick to these requirements then their recycling will not be taken.

  2. We currently recycle as much and/or more than Palmerston North, Kawerau, New Plymouth, South Waikato, Dunedin, Nelson and Napier, all of whom provide kerbside recycling services. However our recovery rate, that is the quantity, range and quality of recycled materials we produce is of a higher and therefore more profitable rate and also less of what we recyle ends up going into the landfill. Why? because people who use the drop off centre are sorting their recyling which therefore lessens the need for automation and/or manual sorting by paid staff and also the range and quality of recyclable products is greater.

    Kerbside recycling has a higher rate of contamination (paper, cardboard and glass mixed – food and plastics, etc….) due to people not sorting properly, the type and range of product is reduced depending upon the size of vessel that is provided to residents and transportation to the site from the kerb can also increase the risks of contamination. The rate of contamination can be as high as 75% – so the hard work people put into their recycling is to no avail as these recylcables will end up back in the landfill

    There are also a number of health risks for those (Castlecorp – mostly Maori) that collect the recycling, health issues regarding open crate and/or bagged kerbside collection of glass, tins, aluminum, food contaminated plastics and to reduce the recyclable contamination risks, residents will need to tie or contain their paper and/or cardboard deposits, which can end up being a nuisance if you're doing it wkly. There are of course wheelie bins which is the most expensive option and also the vessel which provides the highest contamination risk to the recyclable product.

    There is also the aethesetics of it all…….consider what our streets will look like every week with recyclable rubbish out, bottles, tins, plastics, paper, cardboard etc on our kerbsides….hmmmmm i wonder if we'll still be in contention for the beautiful city award and how does that look to visitors to our city; and what about people that just wanna add to that and kick or throw it around or even what the weather might do?

    And of course there is also the increased cost, kerbside recyling will incur increased capital, collection, storage, sorting, transportation, maintenance and staffing costs with an expected decrease in return from the collected recyclable product.

    All of this information can be found on our website keyword draft plan > waste assessment report – except maybe the asethetics part…..but not too difficult to imagine what our streets might look like with kerbside recycling every week.

    Personally i prefer the expanded drop-off centres…….it is inaccessible to those that have limited transportation but then maybe kerbside should be trialed with communities that do have limited transportation first??? Do you think communities like Fordlands, Ngapuna, Koutu, Western Heights etc…..would recycle if kerbside was introduced there?

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