May 18, 2021

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Hone Harawira goes Web 2.0

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MP Hone Harawira has a new website.

The new site integrates Web 2.0, a function that allows greater community participation and feedback, and also allows ‘one-click shares’ to Facebook, Bebo, Twitter and a dozen more Social Networking Sites.

All his posts can be commented on, when asked if he wanted this functionality (you’ll note most MPs choose not to have it), he said;

Why NOT? Don’t I want to know what people think?

HoneHarawiraWebsiteCWe like that sentiment!

You will be able to access all his speeches, Ae Marika articles, press releases and general korero from the page.

There are also links to his Facebook page and an Official YouTube channel with videos to be uploaded soon.

Online polls have been included and his site also integrates embedded video and an archive of all his speeches given in the house will be uploaded over the coming weeks.

The look and feel of the page has changed too, with a colour scheme reflecting the water, with light greens and blues over a grey-ish background.

So whanau ma, let Hone know what you think > check it out!

5 thoughts on “Hone Harawira goes Web 2.0

  1. Yeah, you're allowed. No problems there but you're quite wrong. Look through Hone's life in the 70's until today and you'll notice he has been at the forefront of social justice issues as well as Maori issues. He might have colourful language to describe his experiences but this doesn't take away from him being able to connect with people from all cultures, all ages.

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