May 13, 2021

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Wairoa District Council Annual Plan

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Wairoa District Council has released their draft Annual Plan for consultation.

WairoaThere are a number of aspects to the plan which we will be looking at in more detail over the next few weeks.These include the projected rural rates increases, roading funding policies and priority projects.

Wairoa District Council is holding two open days on 29 and 30 April and is encouraging everyone to go along, have face to face’ time and discuss any aspects of council functions and services with staff and councillors. We are fully in support of this open door approach.

Hilary Walker will be drafting Federated Farmers submission which needs to be lodged with the council by noon Monday, 17 May. For more information, please contact Hilary by clicking here or calling her on 0800 327 646.

Many thanks to the Federated Farmers for this panui. Remember whanau, get informed, get involved!!

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