May 8, 2021

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$134.3 million in funding earmarked for Whanau Ora

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It has just been announced that $134.3 million of funding will be allocated for whanau ora.

We promised our people wed get traction on whanau ora and todays release of the funding levels proves we have, said Maori Party co-leader Dr Pita Sharples.

Not only was whanau ora a part of the partys confidence and supply agreement with the Government, it was also in the Maori Party policy manifesto, he said.

Whanau ora is also a huge part of the lives of our partys MPs we walk the talk, we breathe and live it and thats how we know it works.

Whanau ora provides a conceptual revolutionary change to the way social services are delivered in Aotearoa, and making it a practical success for the nation now lies with whnau, the 20 providers yet to be confirmed and the Government.

This approach demands that families have their own plan. They have to be ambitious themselves – it’s a higher trust model and it has the potential to deliver better results not only for families, but also for taxpayers who are not currently getting the value for money they should be.” said Prime Minister John Key.

Whanau Ora will be available to all families in need.

7 thoughts on “$134.3 million in funding earmarked for Whanau Ora

  1. How do I delete the above?

    John Minto said if the focus was put into increasing paid jobs, that would create improved opportunities for families to better manage their own well-being. We all recognise the overwhelming links b/t socio-economic status & health.

  2. ae tika bro…i,m not saying it wont work my friend i,m just mindful that when you implement or introduce change on this scale and in the area of social reform while asking for cross agency co-operation you need to tread carefully because the end result will affect the lives of our people…as for the Maori Party they were born on the back of an … See Moreissue that touched us all…the Foreshore & Seabeds…they were born out of a need, a necessity and i am thankful they are there..but the 2 issues are poles apart and yet connected…back to the question..will Whanau Ora work… i truly hope so whanau…i truly hope so…..

  3. They pretty much implied the same thing about the maori wouldn't work, it would self implode, they are just dreaming..blah, blah, blah…but yet here we are today in a position of influence that no one could have ever dreamed of. It's a small step i know but it's the RIGHT in which we have some control of and some say in..and to be honest how much worse off can it be compared to what we have already..

  4. to be truthful like everyone else i just hope it succeeds..anything that awhi our people i support…but not quite sure if creating another roopu, another layer of beaucracy will actually are talking about agencies working together to deliver a comprehensive service…they cant even work 2gther now cause they busy protecting their turf… See More, their budgets, their power…lol…and to find out if its gonna work they gunna do action research..WTF…thats another 2M gone out of the budget just to do that…and then theres setting it up, branding and so on and so on…thats at least 10% of the 135M dollar budget gone…and wats left?..ooppps will stop rite there..getting negative…just hope it delivers wat it promises too..mauri ora whanau…

  5. Nursing in the 1970's we didn't have any of this, was SO bad for our ppl. We had to get cultural safety started about 20 yrs ago (pakeha student nurses Anna Penns giving our kaumatua etc the fingers – notwithstanding) just so our ppl would have a bit of dignity and some of the respect contracted under the Tiriti. Disability from diabetes is … See Moreaccelerating so my hope is whanau ora sifts out riwai in our hauora who have neither tikanga, or health training & who put down disabled ppl (myself incl) as somehow "ripping the system". I'm cynical too but we don't need riwai c/o they only get $17 an hour @ the hauora, when the min wage is only $12.75.

  6. I'm sure people have every right to be skeptical but I'm choosing the alternative.. I want to believe in Whanau Ora, I want it to work. I want long lasting positive change for those families that need it and I want to see a change in the way we are reflected in the stats.. That's what I want and I know deep down inside that's what all of us want… So start telling the universe that, and that's what will happen. If u want it to work WE have to make it work!!

  7. I'm afraid I'm really skeptical that this will even work. Just looks like more funding, more contracts, same old same old, no real change predicted.

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