May 15, 2021

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Author of “Beneath a Maori Moon” speaks out about NZRFU’s silence (Waatea News)

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The author of a book celebrating 100 years of maori rugby says the NZRFU has painted themselves into a corner by not apologising for stopping Maori players from being All Blacks in South Africa.

Malcolm Mulholland whose book “Beneath the Maori Moon” has become a top seller since it was released late last years says the weekend apology by the South African Sports Minister Makhenkesi Arnold Stofile to the maori players affected has left the New Zealand rugby union’s reputation in tatters.

But the NZRFU has steadfastly refused to answer calls for them to apologise.

” I just cant understand why they would take the position they have. They seem to be entrenched by it so I think coming out now and saying sorry may them look even more foolish. I think they’re a rock in a hard place through their own doings, and I just think they’re gonna have egg on their face no matter what now. ”

Malcolm Mulholland says it is ironic that the NZRFU is coming in for criticism from many quarters such as Maori rugby greats Bill Bush and Taine Randell and race relations commissioner Joris de Bres, on a day which is the 50th anniversary of the 1960 All Black squads flying out to South Africa.

He says nearly 160 thousand New Zealanders signed, “a no maori, no tour” petition, and it would be a marvellous day for the rugby union to say sorry for going along with the apartheid regimes wishes.

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