May 12, 2021

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Boy set to hit #1 today!

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The New Zealand Herald is reporting that Boy, the local stand out hit of the year is set to overtake the World’s Fastest Indian’s place today as #1 New Zealand movie of all time!

Boy was still number two last weekend justbehind Robin Hood. Yesterday the film passed the $7 Million mark beating out Once Were Warriors for 2nd place.

Boy was made with an estimated $5.7 million – about half that of international success story Whale Rider and less than a third of Indian’s $18 million. Boy is due for an Australian release later in the year and there is talk about placing it in Film Festivals in Korea.

Yesterday the film passed the $7 million mark having overhauled Once Were Warriors’ second place in the local box office list last weekend.

The film which was inspired by Waititi’s childhood on the East Coast is attracting a cult-following with Crazy Horses chapters popping up all over the world (including a Hong Kong chapter (see the pic below). The main chapter now has over 12,000 fans, click below and join, let’s get it over 20,000!

In addition to spawning Crazy Horses chapters around the world, it has help propel Poi e! to number 7 and rising (on the charts) – we are certain that it will hit #1!

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