May 12, 2021

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ePanui Issue 3 now out!

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Tuhoe Lands in Tuhoe Hands!

A TV3 online poll has been running hot with 206 comments (and counting) the majority of which were in favour of the Uruwera being given back to Tuhoe.

What was interesting was the clear ignorance of Tuhoe whakapapa (i.e. Tuhoe aren’t indigenous?!) which is known to connect many Tuhoe (in particular those with links to Te Urewera) directly to the whenua through the coming together of Maunga-Pohatu and Hine-Pukohurangi.

This korero comes as Tuhoe negotiators are currently in Wellington talking with Ministers.

In the thought-provoking paper, Nga Taonga o Te Urewera (2003), Ngahuia Te Awekotuku and Linda Waimarie Nikora remind us that:

Tuhoe retain a strong sense of being Tuhoe, and a very deep sense of attachment with Te Urewera. This attachment is more than an emotional and cognitive experience. It is both an actual and symbolic relationship formed by people giving culturally shared emotional/affective meanings to Te Urewera forged through geneaology, cosmology, pilgrimage, narrative and economics. Te Urewera is both a territory of the Tuhoe collective and individual

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1 thought on “ePanui Issue 3 now out!

  1. Aroha mai whanau, we suggested that the return of Te Urewera would be the first of its kind, we were wrong, several people (academics and historians) have wrote us to say that there have been other deals giving back large tracts of land to iwi. So the precedent has been set, several years ago…

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