May 7, 2021

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Frequencies irk iwi radio leader (Waatea)

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A Northland iwi radio station says Maori radio is still being treated as second class by the Ministry for Economic Development’s radio spectrum management division.

Ngati Hine Radio is being forced to switch from its 96.4 and 96.5 FM frequencies to 99.1 and 99.6 as part of a rearrangement of spectrum in advance of the shift to digital broadcasting.

Station manager Mike Kake says even though Maori won their case in the Privy Council for radio spectrum to help the promotion of Maori language and culture, they were dealt a bad hand by the ministry.

The frequencies that were given to iwi radio were what I call the rats and mices frequencies that are low powered, that are nowhere near the power of the mainstream commercial stations, so weve got that battle, and were continuing to have that battle, Mr Kake says.

Radio Ngati Hine was top iwi station in the 2010 Radio Awards.

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