May 8, 2021

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John Key’s remarks go global (

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(Editorial: Nikolasa Biasiny-Tule)

PM John Key’s remarks have hit the international news with CNN’s headline “New Zealand P.M. criticized for comparing tribe to cannibals”. The article details the current issues which have arisen regarding Key’s inappropriate remarks. Visitor comments are running hot with quite a few cannibal jokes but also a few (ok, only a couple) insightful comments.

AccidentalAmerican wrote

I think people need to realize that this kind of comment in a formal setting is unacceptable. It is different if it was amongst friends having a beer. This PM doesn’t understand his function and should be booted out. With the history of colonialism still causing pain today, we really need better men than this clown.”

While another reader wrote “Maori did used to practice ritual cannibalism. It’s a fact. It may have been a joke in bad taste, but it did have a root in relatively recent history.”

Based on that argument then it would have equally been appropriate for John Key to have commented (say after a bad round of talks with the German Government), “lucky they didn’t gas me in the showers” (something which also has a root in recent history), but clearly THAT would have been inappropriate so we (at are confused as to what “self-deprecating” actually means to Mr. Key. For the record here’s a definition:


/?s?lf?d?pr??ke?t??, ?s?lf-/

belittling or undervaluing oneself; excessively modest.

Based on that definition it seems clear that Mr Key was NOT being self-deprecating in the least.

In fact John Key should take a deep look into his own geneology and remember that HIS own people (and mine, i.e. the Jews) as a result of the League of Nations Mandate of 1922, granted a mandate to Great Britain to create a “National Home” for the Jews in Palestine. This right was based on the right to self determination, a right shared by all peoples (oh wait except Maori in general and in this case Tuhoe).

Once again I have to say, shame on you John Key!

7 thoughts on “John Key’s remarks go global (

  1. John Key, I thought you would be THE national prime minister for NZ that would make a difference for all New Zealanders. Now, I'm not so sure after your comment of tribe/cannibal. Also renagging on the Tuhoe people. How could you do that to them at the last moment. Why does your government feel threatened by their intentions. Then to make matters worse to allow the search for oil on the east coast. Doesn't what's happeneing on the other side of the world with the oil spillage scare our government. Or are we so gullable that this will not happen to our country.

  2. The level of racist arrogance, from John Keys and the rest of his followers is more corrupt than its ever been. We keep playing their idiot games! Kamutu te mahi o te whakahihi pakeke. Arrogance attractions a penalty. GO TO YOUTUBE: "End of colonising Maori" and "Intrepreting Te Riti o Waitangi". These are messages will collapse this pathetic Pakeha government. And we'll return to each Tribal area governed by each individual Tribe again!! Hui e tai eke e!

  3. What baffles me most is on stuff website they have a poll and very few people are bothered by it!

    I am so utterly ashamed by it.

    I think he'd be some kind of custard…something lacking the spine required to stand up for what is right.

  4. Yeah just as I was going to bed I saw him on BBC news and lamented why is that overseas journalists ( even with their obvious shortcomings) see things so much more clearly than our mainstream groupies promoting kawanatanga messages.

  5. On the other positive side, if Tuhoe did have him for dinner, would he be entree, soup, mains, dessert … or just nibbles??

  6. I just have to to say this again LOL Oh dear Johnny you but your foot in your mouth again, so who's the can-of-balls now LMkumuO!!

  7. Kino ke koe John Key making CNN hahahahahaha im gona have a mean weekend for sure now!!! (still laughing)

    John Key, Fine Dining Experience – (Bring in the TUI QUE) YEAH RIGHT

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