May 8, 2021

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Launch of Nga Manukura o Apopo – a National Maori Nursing & Midwifery Project

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A national Maori nursing and midwifery workforce development programme that will identify and develop clinical leaders and improve access to professional development opportunities has been commissioned by the Ministry of Health and is being developed within the Auckland District Health Board.

Executive Director of Nursing with the Auckland DHB and Project Director, Taima Campbell, says that one of the governments workforce development priorities is to train more nurses, promote clinical leadership and increase the size and quality of the frontline clinical workforce.

The National Maori Nursing and Midwifery Workforce Development Programme Nga Manukurao Apopo is being designed to support the retention, recruitment and continuous development of Maori nurses and midwives practising in New Zealand, with a particular focus on clinical leadership and professional development.

Over the next three years the programme will increase access to leadership training and support emerging Maori leaders in nursing and midwifery, says Taima Campbell.

Three key work streams are being developed within a Manukurao Apopo.

  • Clinical Leadership will offer participation as emerging leaders or in advanced leadership practice.
  • Recruitment and Profile Raising will raise the profile of nursing and midwifery careers for rangatahi and mature adults looking at health as a career.
  • In Professional Development the focus will be on enhancing undergraduate programmes and improving access to professional development opportunities.

The programme is being led out of the Auckland DHB and will be implemented nationally by professional Maori organisations selected in a Request For Proposal (RFP) process. An Advisory Group made up of Maori professionals representing nursing, midwifery, tertiary education, Maori community providers, national organisations has been established to guide and support the programme.

A powhiri will be held to celebrate the establishment of the programme and will look forward to the implementation of Tomorrows Clinical Leaders programme in Auckland on May 6. ContactCathrine Waetford for more info [email protected] ? 09 309 4949 ext 23311.

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