May 7, 2021

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Maori welcome for Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse

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A traditional Maori welcome was given to a Los Angeles celebrity couple ahead of their tour in New Zealand. Disney characters Matua Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were given a powhiri (Maori welcome) by Kapa Haka group, Te Puru o Tamaki at Vector Arena, Auckland as they arrived for the Disney On Ice show, which runs in Auckland for four days from Thursday and in Christchurch for three days next week.

Kapa Haka group, Te Puru o Tamaki and the Disney Couple

Ali Ikram of TV3 reported that “You could tell Mr Mouse had never seen anything like it before from the way his expression never deviated from open-mouthed wonder, the entire ceremony.

Mr Menary said Matua Mickey had a cultural advisor with him to ensure he didnt pick up the teka (see below) the wrong way.

From our understanding this is the first time that Matua Mickey has been welcomed in this unique way.

In the end he was excited to be part of something so unique and exciting, says performance director Scott MacDonald.

The celebrity couple were welcomed on to Vector Arena where they were told, We are all young people and have known you all our lives, so its great to have you here,

This is the time for the visitors to respond normally in the form of a waiata (song), instead they responded with a “dance of appreciation”. The ceremony was sealed with a hongi (traditional Maori greeting)

Kia ora to Ali Ikram for some of this content.

6 thoughts on “Maori welcome for Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse

  1. Well i thought it quite amusing to say the least. How indeed did they manage to keep a straight face (Iwi kainga). But on the other hand Mickey and Minnie are nearly 100 years old so do we conciser them Kaumatua and of that reanga no te ao kohatu?

    another whakaaro though, do we then open this up for any cartoon character that arrives to our shores that have been around for a while? "haere mai Yogi Bear me o hoa e"

    Interesting and something to ponder.

  2. Mickey Mouse powhiri cultural pantomime

    Thursday 20 May 2010

    An Auckland commercial kapa haka troupe is under fire for performing a traditional Maori welcome for stars of the Disney on Ice show which opens at the Vector Arena tonight.

    Te Puru o Tamaki donned their grass skirts for Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who also stayed in costume for the whole powhiri, including the hongi.

    Labour list MP Shane Jones says the event is part of a trend for powhiri to be treated as entertainment rather than an important way to bring groups of people together.

    “I suppose they are part of a modern cultural pantomime. Then you get someone like Mickey Mouse coming to town and it ends up turning Maori culture into a Mickey Mouse affair. And whilst the people participating may think they are adding something to the ceremony, what they are doing is subtracting something that is precious to all Maori,” Mr Jones says.

    He says people in kapa haka need to take a hard look at where they are taking Maori culture.

  3. crackup..the kaiwero should have thrown down some cheese..LOL imagine trying to keep a straight face doing the wero to a mouse….LOL sorry bro – i find the whole affair quite amusing…..awesome for the kids though i might add..awsm! i wonder what mickey was thinking?…..if he was shaking in his ….mouse suit….man or mouse? i better get off here..aroha mai cuzn

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