May 8, 2021

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O Whakaaro (Your Opinion) – Maori televisions first portable talk show

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O Whakaaro (Your Opinion) – Maori televisions first portable talk show – COME AND BE PART OF A LIVE SHOW ON YOUR CAMPUS .

The concept: Each week the team throws down the Maori television bean bag in the quad of one of our nations Universities or Polytechnics for some spontaneous open air korero.

Presented as live in a classic talk show style, our sharp shooting presenter chairs a series of fun, informative and often rowdy discussions between featured guests and passer-by students on issues most pertinent to 18 35-year-old viewers.


Were going after the brightest Maori minds by meeting them on their turf, to hear what they think about the issues currently defining contemporary Aotearoa!!

Its a show in which everyone gets a say – starting with our celebrity, iwi representatives and expert guests, we then throw the mic to a gathering audience of untamed students, lecturers, and whoever else happens to be passing by.


The team at O Whakaaro arent afraid to ask the big questions, wrestling with a diverse array of topics from love and relationships in the 21st century to a raft of financial, cultural, social and political issues pertinent to young Maori. They know how to have fun too, lightening the mood with hardcase humour.

  • Will I ever be able to afford a house? It seems so out of reach!
  • Im starting life with a $50,000 student loan! Help!
  • I got my degree Im out of here! Is the grass greener in Australia?
  • Are people still staying faithful to their partners?
  • Im 35 and I still bludge off the olds. Whats the problem!
  • Dumped by text message Is technology changing the way we conduct our relationships.
  • Haka overkill! Is wider Aotearoa disrespecting the haka?
  • Would you take the chastity pledge?
  • 3 month employment probation Who is it really helping?
  • Racism in New Zealand: Fact or fallacy?
  • School Leavers Deciding where to go next, study or trade


O Whakaaro is brought to life by transferring a traditional studio set-up to a University quad. Three cameras will cover the action with whip pans, styley re-frames and crash zooms. An off-the-hip shooting style taking place in such natural settings will help define the spontaneous nature of the show.

But looks can be deceiving. In line with the values of production company ButoBase Ltd, O Whakaaro will be a thoroughly researched and richly detailed show. Episodes will feature meticulously scripted sequences such as the opening and closing PTCs with the director offering the presenter feeds to lift the discussion up a gear. We will also ensure that the walk-up audience has a number of Maori language students through liaison with the featured institutions Maori departments.

Edgy, provocative and at times down right hilarious, O Whakaaro takes the much loved talk show format to the next level in a bold new series thatll get Maori television audiences talking!


Series duration: 26 episodes

Timeslot: TBA

Audience: 18 35 male and female

Shoot start date Ep 1: Thursday 29th of April 2010

Proposed Locations:

  • Auckland University of Technology (Auck City & Manukau Campus) – 14 May 2010 (this Friday!)
  • The University of Auckland
  • Massey University (Albany)
  • Unitec (Auck City, North Shore, Waitakere)
  • Te Wananga O Aotearoa (Auckland)
  • Manukau Institute of Technology

Production Company: ButoBase Ltd –

Producer: Glenn Elliott and Julia Parnell

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