May 15, 2021

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Poi e, #7 on the charts and raising!

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Mid way thru NZ Music Month, we are absolutely excited to report that the classic track Poi E by the Patea Maori Club is now #7 on the NZ Music Charts and is still climbing!!

With the amazing success of the movie Boy and great coverage across Aotearoa, the challenge to get Poi E back into the #1 slot was issued by Native Affairs presenter, Julian Wilcox.

Since then, thousands have requested and downloaded the single and the more die-hard fans have purchased the commemorative Patea Maori Club CD. Poi E was a massive hit back in 1984, sitting at the top of the charts for 4 weeks and going on to be the biggest hit of that magical year.

All the love and thanks to compsers Dalvanius Prime and Ngoingoi Pewhairangi and lots of appreciation and respect to the Patea Maori Club for keeping the nation singing, swinging and smiling.

Last week their YouTube video had about 300,000 views, today it is up to 413,855 today. Let’s not only get it to #1, let’s try for 1,000,000 hits!! Come on whanau!

Now for those who don’t know the words (TV3 reported that everyone know the “Poi e” part but most lost track of the words quickly after, LOL!)

E rere ra e taku poi porotiti Swing out rhythmically, my feelings
Titahataha ra, whakararuraru e lean out beside me, so deceptively.
Porotakataka ra, poro hurihuri mai Swing round and down, spin towards me
Rite tonu ki te tiwaiwaka e just like a fantail.
Ka parepare ra, pioioi a Swing to the side: swing to and fro
Whakahekeheke, e kia korikori e zoom down, wriggle,
Piki whakarunga ra, ma muinga mai a climb up above, swarm around me
Taku poi porotiti, taku poi e! my whirling emotions, my poi, Yeah!
Poi E, whakatata mai Oh my feelings, draw near,
Poi E, kaua he rereke Oh my poi, don’t go astray
Poi E, kia piri mai ki au Oh my affections, stick to me
Poi E, e awhi mai ra Oh my instincts, take care of me
Poi E, tapekatia mai. Oh my emotions, be entwined around me.
Poi E, o taua aroha… Oh poi, our love…
Poi E – paiheretia ra. Oh poi …binds.
POI… TAKU POI, E! Poi…. my poi, yeah!
413,855Now for

Check out that stats for their YouTube video below!

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