May 13, 2021

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Poi e remix by Taika Waititi (the Stuff) VIDEO

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Filmmaker Taika Waititi says hes pleased to do his bit for a Kiwi classic.

The Boy director has thrown his weight behind a campaign to place the Patea Maori Club hit song Poi E back atop the New Zealand music charts by Christmas.

The movement started after the song recaptured the imagination of the public when it featured in his smash-hit, coming-of-age movie, Boy, and reappeared in the official New Zealand music chart.

The public harnessed the power of social networking, with a Facebook group drawing well over 2000 fans and a Twitter account both dedicated to the bid and Waititi was asked to support it. He announced his intentions on Twitter: “I do declare! After 26 years the song Poi E (from Boy) is now back in the NZ top 40! Let’s try and get it to #1 by Christmas!” he wrote.

The culmination is the release of a new version of the video clip for the song, featuring scenes from the original combined with scenes from Boy.

Waititi described his piece as “nothing amazing”, saying he had cut it together in a day.

Ironically, Poi E, written by linguist Ngoi Pewhairangi and Dalvanius Prime in 1983, was an accidental hit in its time.

After failing to garner interest from record labels or commercial radio, an appearance on a popular television show, and support by young Maori, saw its popularity soar.

According to, young Maori loved the song, which was aimed at teaching them to be proud of their heritage.

According to the website, Prime saw the song as a way of marketing Maori language and culture.

Released at the height of the break-dancing craze, kids performed to it in cities around the country, it said.

A re-enactment of the Poi E dance in Wellingtons Manners Mall to be organised via social media, is also planned, though the time and date has not been set.

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