May 9, 2021

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Programme to upskill Maori in skilled professions a success

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A project training Maori for better jobs in the roading, civil engineering and construction is having phenomenal results.

Traditionally many Maori have found work in the sector but its generally been in the unskilled and low paid jobs.

The programme was launchedin Auckland on 23 July with funding from Te Puni Kokiri to upskill maori so they could do more highly skilled work.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • support Maori who presently work in the industry to gain higher level qualifications, including National Diplomas
  • enable more Maori to step up to leadership roles in the industry

Chief executive John Willis says in the 10 months since it started nearly 400 maori have attended formal marae based training courses in the central north island, reported Waatea News.

What we’ve got here is probably New Zealand’s most effective form of tertiary education and the more we can open this up to everybody, not only Maori but including Maori, then the better it will be for everybody. Maori are a major stakeholder of infrastructure in New Zealand and this is helping them cement the ownership if you like, of that stake.”

Mr Willis says the success story includes 8 workers who were presented with 10 thousand dollar scholarships on Friday to study for Infratrain’s National Diploma by Maori Affairs minister Pita Sharples.

If someone is looking for employment in the industry they should contact companies directly. Useful resources are the New Zealand Contractors Federation and Roading New Zealand websites which list member companies.

For any further information on industry qualifications see the qualifications page on the Infratrain website or call InfraTrain on 0800 486 626.

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