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Te Arawa Standing Committee Elections 2010

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The Te Arawa Standing Committee 2010 electionsare being held on Saturday 29 Mayat Te Papaiouru Marae at 9.30am.

The attendee register will be open from 9am on Saturday 29 May at Te Papaiouru Marae. All voters must complete and sign the hui register before receiving a voting form.

To be eligible to vote at the marae elections hui, voters must be registered with Te Arawa Lakes Trust, Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa, or Te Kotahitanga o Te Arawa Fisheries. Registrations for these organisations will NOT be received at the marae hui on the 29 May, so would-be voters must ensure they complete their iwi registrations prior to elections day.

Voters canchooseupto six candidates on the day, but any voting formthat selects over six candidates will be automatically invalidated.

Once all votes have been received and the ballot box is closed, they will be taken to council where they will be stored until each voter has been checked against iwi registers, Te Arawa Lakes Trust,Te Kotahitanga o TeArawa Fisheries and Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa.

Successful candidates will be published inthe Daily Post, the council website, and in hardcopy from the RDC Customer Centre.


  • Pakitai Raharuhi – Ngati Rongomai, Rangiteaorere, Ngati Whakaue
  • John Tamati Waaka – Tuhourangi, Ngati Wahiao, Te Arawa
  • Kingi Biddle – Te Arawa, Mataatua
  • Roku Adrian Mihinui – Tuhourangi, Ngati Wahiao
  • Arapeta Petera Tahana – Ngati Pikiao
  • Waereti Tait-Rolleston – Te Arawa
  • Toby Curtis – Ngati Rongomai
  • Potaua Biasiny-Tule – Ngati Pikiao, Ngati Whakaue
  • Rene Kahu Mitchell – Ngati Whakaue Te Arawa
  • Eraia James Rangiriri Kiel – Te Arawa, Tainui, Rongomaiwahine.

The ten nominees will be asked to speak for 5 minutes to their nomination at the marae hui.

Nominees wereasked toprovide a 100-150 statement as to why they would like tobe on the committee,however not all submitted a statement.

John Tamati Waaka – Tuhourangi, Ngati Wahiao, Te Arawa
I accept nomination to the Te Arawa Standing Committee and offer my experience and knowledge from years of working for Tuhourangi, Ngati Wahiao. I am a representative on the Rahui, Whakarewarewa Village committees, Te Arawa River Iwi Trust and for the past 8 years a Tuhoruangi Ngati Wahiao representative in the settlement processes for Kaihautu, CNI and Te Pumautana o Te Arawa. I believe it is time for Te Arawa to work together, seek alliances with other Iwi, identify economic opportunities, and strengthen ties with Rotorua District Council, Environment Bay of Plenty and Environment Waikato because they currently have control through governance and statute over most of our local assets and resources. It is crucial Te Arawa is informed and included in the decisions and plans being formulated by Councils. I seek your support to work on the Te Arawa Standing Committee to achieve this.

Kingi Biddle – Te Arawa, Mataatua
Te Arawa as a whole is affected by decisions made by RDC, the standing committee is a vehicle that we have to affect those decisions. I am committed that the voice of our iwi is heard at Council. I also see this as a great learning opportunity for possible local body positions in the future.

Arapeta Petera Tahana – Ngati Pikiao
Firstly I’d like to acknowledge all those who have served on the standing committee in the past, ka nui te mihi ki a koutou. I’m excited about the opportunity to stand for this committee. I will work hard to ensure the views and aspirations of Te Arawa are heard. My focus will be to challenge council to ensure they are accountable and responsive, explore ways to improve the committee effectiveness to influence council decisions and ensure regular communication with hapu and iwi I have a background in business management and Maori/community development and over 3 years experience working in local government. I have worked with communities and hapu to collectively address issues and build on our strengths. I intend working towards a true and meaningful partnership between Te Arawa and council. No reira Te Arawa whanui, I am committed to continuing the work of past members to contribute towards a strong future for Te Arawa. Noho ora mai ra

Waereti Tait-Rolleston – Te Arawa
Kei oku koeke, karangamaha puta noa, tena koutou katoa. It is a privilege to be nominated by my elder and whanau to stand for Te Arawa Standing Committee. I’m a mother of four, grandmother of eleven and great grandmother of one. Two of my grandchildren attend a local primary school and we all love our city. Manaakitanga, Feel the Spirit is an expression and practice of aroha which I have observed and experience during times of tragedy and celbration. For example, the tragic circumstances of the death of Nia Glassie; Hawea Vercoe and the celbrationof the lives of Sir Howard Morrison and Don Stafford. We have skilled, talented and crative people in our city: peole passionate about our environment; about growing kai in our backyards; zero waste. I would be itnerested in extending my interest in how our local council policies and practises might support these new economic frames.

Potaua Biasiny-Tule – Ngati Pikiao, Ngati Whakaue
Kia ora Te Arawa Standing Committee and greetings to all our Te Arawa whanui. My mum is a Kameta from Punawhakareia, Tunohopu and my dad is from Ngati Pikiao, he is a Tule. Raised in Fordlands, I have been a young aspiring student of politics since the 1980’s gaining a degree in Political Science from Canterbury University. I have a passion for community representation and youth leadership and operate my own business I look forward to learning more about Council processes and want to ceelbrate our iwi and our city.

Rene Kahu Mitchell – Ngati Whakaue Te Arawa
Tena koutou katoa Te Arawa whanui. My one interest is in a better Rotorua and I want to make a difference. One of the many recommendations I pursued as a previous committee member was the implementation of the judder bars in Taharangi St, which was submitted by the late Richard Bully Biddle. Other term appointments include Creative Arts Chair, Community Funding, Community Safety and Tourism and Rotorya Safer Community.

Eraia James Rangiriri Kiel – Te Arawa, Tainui, Rongomaiwahine
Ko Te Arawa te waka, Ko Te Arawa te iwi, Ko Ngongotaha te maunga, Ko Te Rotorua-nui-a Kahumatamomoe te moana, Ko Eraia Kiel ahau, Tihei Mauriora. He korero tenei e pa ana ki taku hiahia kia uru atu au ki roto i tenei o nga komiti whakahaere mo to tatou waka a Te Arawa. He kaupapa pai tenei ki ahau ki te wananga i nga take kei mua i tatou aroaro, otira kei mua ia tatou o Ngai Te Arawa. He timatatanga hoki tenei moku ki te whakakoi i aku pukenga ki te kokiri i toku whanau whanau o Te Arwa kia tu rangtira ratou otira tato i tenei ao hurihuri. I am writing this as an expression of interest to represent my iwi of Te Arawa and the people of Rotorua on the Te Arawa standing committee 2010. Through my involvement in the community and strong cultural background I have a keen interest in areas affecting the people of Te Arawa and the wider community of Rotorua. I am very keen to sharpen my skills in cultural leadership and have a passion for creating and implementing positive change.

The existing council memberson the Te Arawa StandingCommittee are:

  • Chairperson Mayor Kevin Winters
  • Deputy Chairperson Deputy Mayor Trevor Maxwell
  • Councillor Bob Martin

After the local body elections to be held in September/October 2010, the three current council members may change.

Te Arawa Standing Committee background

Rotorua District Council and Te Arawa iwi formed the Te Arawa Standing Committee in 1993. The committee reviews council matters which affect the resources of Te Arawa tribes, sub-tribes, hapu and whanau. It does not, however, assume the tino rangitiratanga of any Te Arawa Iwi or Hapu.

During July 2007 – June 2009the Te Arawa Standing Committee underwent a review, andas a result a number of polices and procedures changed:

  • Six iwi elected representatives – no appointees from any Te Arawa organisations.
  • All nominees, nominators and voters must be affiliated to Te Arawa and thereby be registered on Te Arawa Lakes Trust, Te Pumautanga o Te Arawa, or Te Kotahitanga o Te Arawa Fisheries.
  • New Terms of Reference or ‘Delegated Authority’ of the Te Arawa Standing Committee
  • Training and orientation for Te Arawa Standing Committee iwi representatives about council business, management, key policies, democratic processes, legislations and meeting protocols
  • Annual meeting rounds will include a meeting with Environment Bay of Plenty Maori Committee and Whakatane Iwi Liaison Committee.


Councils Democracy Team administers the committee. Some initiatives (for example, hui and training workshops) are serviced by the Kaupapa Maori Department and/or the Democracy Team.

For the public to raise an issue with the committee

  • You need to contact councils Chief Executive or Director Kaupapa Maori at least five days before the next committee meeting.
  • If you want to speak at the meeting, you will need to provide a brief report or presentation which can be added to the agenda. The committee chairperson approves (or otherwise) each public request to have a matter added to the agenda.
  • All committee members may invite presentations from the public or place an item on the agenda for discussion.These items must be approved by the Chair.

Te Arawa Standing Committee Review Documents 2007-2009

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