May 9, 2021

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Te Wero Brings Maori Culture To The Big Apple

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A traditional Maori display normally reserved for tribal chiefs in New Zealand was shown at the Chashama gallery in New York City over the weekend.Te Wero is a performing arts troupe. Its performers are the Maoris – the indigenous people of New Zealand.

Billy Tangere is the founder of Te Wero which in Maori means The Challenge. Te Wero is a challenge set by Billy and his crew to bring their unique culture to people around the world.

Maori are the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand, and we believe its the time to share our culture with the rest of the world. This art gallery in New York represents an international launch for our organization. We have something very, very different. Now the All Blacks do our Haka, if you know rugby, all over the world. Weve come to show you the rest of it

Te Weros gallery will be on display in New York until May 31st. It showcases photographs depicting various aspects of the Maori culture. Aside from the gallery, Billy says the group has much more to offer.

The music, the culture, the values, and the imagery of our people. So the art gallery is only one of three things in New York this year. The art gallery will give you a taste of our culture, we also have a performing arts show. This very handsome gentleman over here represents our culture going back to the warrior imagery of pre-European times.

During the press opening last Friday, attendees got a taste of that warrior culture.

While Te Wero is in New York, visitors to the Big Apple may be lucky enough to catch this fierce display in Times Square.

Billy says Te Wero plans to come back for a second gallery display, and eventually put on a complete Maori performing arts show.

Kia ora to Karen Chang ofNTDTV, New York.

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