May 15, 2021

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From opposite sides of the world: two documentary makers, two documentaries. Although distance separates them, there are links between indigenous people that are binding.

Pirinop: First Contact

From the lush forests of the Brazilian Amazon, film maker Mari Lena Correa-Rimaud captures the lives of the Ikpeng people who strive to relocate to their ancestral home.

This Way of Life

To the Ruahine ranges here in Aotearoa, where film makers Barbara and Thomas Burstyn record the lives of the Karena whanau. This Way of Life is the story of an extraordinary Mori family who in their search for home find so much more.

Future for Tainui ?

This week was the third reading of the Bill which will finally see the Waikato River effectively in their ownership, a claim which began in 1858.

Chairman of Tainui’s executive board, Te Arataura Tukoroirangi Morgan joins Shane Taurima in studio from the Iwi Leadership hui in Christchurch.

Whanau Ora for All

A sum of money has been allocated and for all who trembled with outrage that the policy was for Mori only, it has been made clear: Whanau Ora is for Mori and other families in need.

So what is Whanau Ora about and where is the money going?

Joining Shane in the studio this week is John Tamihere and from Wellington, John Minto.


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