May 18, 2021

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Upcoming Ao Manu seminars (Aucks and ONLINE)

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Weekly seminars on contemporary issues, from known scholars and leaders, are now held every Wednesday from 12 noon-1pm from March – December 2010.

All weekly Seminars are beamed live to every university campus or via live web-streaming. They are also reviewed and chronicled in the Manu Rere monthly e-newsletter and recorded and archived onto the MANU AO website for later viewing or research and teaching purposes.

Past Seminars which you might be interested in are:

Upcoming Seminars (at all University BRCCS sites)

Wed 19 May


Malcolm Mulholland

Symbols of Nationhood

Wed 26 May


Dr Dan Longboat (Trent University – Canada)

Indigenous Environmental Studies

Wed 2 June


Prof Taiarahia Black

Te Purenga: M?ori Land Court Urewera Minutes

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