May 11, 2021

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Hori 3.0 > Have a Happy Hangi New Year!!

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Morena! Morena! Faaa, long time, no blog.

Cuz, it has been fierce here in First there was that Big March to protest against the Government wanting to mine all our whenua, then came that Big Budget where everyone got trimmed back but a few got a little more, then the BIG DENY when John Key pushed Tuhoe at the door cos he said we might eat him (huh??) and now comes the BIG EVENT – MATARIKI, our Maori New Years celebration!!

I don’t wanna download on you too much but just have to say HAPPY NEW YEAR, that I hope you all eat a nice John Key-less hangi and to remind us all that sure, Matariki is more a seasonal event rather than just 1 particular day, that Matariki is traditional and does link us with many different cultures all around the World – from the US to Japan – and that we are here to bring back those intimate events of our past, into our present and out toward our future. We know if we don’t, mainstream NZ society will again shut us out and shut us down.

So we’ve got the Maori Rugby team about to take the field after a long absence, lots of educational wananga coming up and the Seabed and Foreshore Act might be that one issue that sets things alight again. Hmmmm, be a safe bet to watch that Iwi Leaders group as they’re right in there amongst it.

Ok, that’s enough. Give a bro the mic and he don’t wanna shut up! So, check out our latest ePanui (should be out later today) and the first person to leave a comment here will win a prize!!


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2 thoughts on “Hori 3.0 > Have a Happy Hangi New Year!!

  1. Tena Koe e kare

    It was interesting reading your blog, As a decendent of Tuhoe it goes without saying, that there were a few of us who were looking foward to having a Hone E Ki (John Key) hangi this year, however we must look to other avenues in order to win back what is ours.

    Also e tautoko ana ahau i nga korero mo te tiima whutupaoro Maori o Aotearoa, kia kaha ki a ratau, kotahi rau tau inaeanei….Ka Mau Te Wehi

    Heoi Koinei oku paku whakaaro mo to kauhau e hika.

    Kia Tau te rangi Marie a te Atua ki runga i a koe.

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