May 18, 2021

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Invitation to Wahine Maori to attend Women’s Worlds 2011 (Canada)

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An international conference on womens issues called Womens Worlds 2011 (WW 2011) is happening from 3-7 July next year in Ottawa-Gatineau.(insert the website here so people can go to it for more info right away)

WW 2011 wants to reach out and support Aboriginal women, Elders, and youth to participate in this exciting event. Why? Because we value the non-tokenistic involvement of Aboriginal/Indigenous women.

If you are a part of a grassroots womens project or group (even if its made up of just 3-4 women) and if you want a forum to discuss and highlight Aboriginal womens issues in Canada, then your involvement is welcome at this event.

WW 2011 is prepared to provide you and the members of your group with a small grant to help with expenses to attend. To be considered for the grant, use this easy online form to submit a brief description of your ideas:

You can also request a paper application form or get help filling it out by phoning 1-877-868-8292, extension 6600.

Please share this invitation with your community, friends and networks. WW 2011 is committed to having Aboriginal women participate at this historic event.

The deadline for these forms is 15 July 2010.


Womens Worlds 2011 is an international congress happening in Ottawa-Gatineau from 3-7 July of next year. Around 2000 women and female youth are expected to attend. Special effort is being made to ensure that Indigenous women from around the world and their issues are a major part of the event.

A small side project called Women Build Up to the Congress has been set up to help women from local communities across Canada to participate.

This project is intended to highlight the work and achievements of grassroots Canadian womens organizations especially Aboriginal women to the international audience at WW 2011. This can be done through workshops, presentations, discussion groups, or in other ways.

At six regional meetings between February and April 2010, women discussed the priority issues of their region and how womens groups are dealing with those > this is the Participation Plan (PP).

The Participation Plans contain ideas about the most pressing issues are facing women in different parts of Canada. You may not have attended one of these regional meetings, but you are still welcome to apply for a grant through this project. We know you are involved with important projects in your community that women around the world should hear about.

The six regional networks are: BC-Yukon, Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic/Acadian, North.

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