May 12, 2021

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Leiden waka looks set to sail

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It is with great pride and humble respects that we report on Leiden, a ceremonial waka created by rangatira and master carver, Hekenukumai Busby.

Leiden waka is a ceremonial waka crafted and created to strengthen ties between Toi Maori Aotearoa, the national organisation for Maori arts and artists and the Volkenkunde Museum in Leiden, Netherlands.

The Leiden waka will be launched at 11am, Saturday 26th June 2010 at Aurere, the Bay of Islands.

A haka has been uniquely composed for the launch by esteemed kaumatua Tepene Mamaku, with sea trials conducted by Kaihoe who were selected by Robert Gabel, the Chair of Nga Waka Federation.

The official handover of Leiden will occur at the Volkenkunde Museum on the 18th October 2010.

Many thanks to Tamahou Temara for this panui and all inquiries, please contact Tamahou [email protected] / or phone 04 801 7914

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