May 7, 2021

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Make a submission to Youth Parliament 2010

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Youth Parliament will be held on 6 and 7 July. The mock bill that Youth MPs will debate is the Adult Rights and Responsibilities (Age of Majority) Bill. It will focus on creating a single age of majority for activities such as drinking, driving and voting.

Members of the public, as well as any agency, department or company, are invited to make a written submission on the mock bill, or on any of the 10 select committee inquiry topics listed below.

Submissions should be emailed before Friday 18 June 2010 to [email protected] They should be no longer than five A4 pages long.

All submissions will be collated and summarised by the Ministry of Youth Development, and distributed to the Youth MPs prior to Youth Parliament 2010 to inform the debate.

The text of the mock bill and information on Youth Parliament 2010 can be found on the Youth Parliament website.

Select committee topics will be:

Select Committee Topic selected
Education and Science Should entrepreneurship education be a compulsory subject in secondary school?
Commerce Copyright infringement is hurting NZ music how can artists use new media to get their music sold rather than stolen?
Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade How should New Zealand be supporting the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals?
Social Services Alcohol has a massive impact for young people how can we support young people to be safe with alcohol?
Health What should be done to create a smoke-free generation of young Kiwis by 2020?
Justice and Electoral What would a process for deciding whether to retain or change the New Zealand flag look like?
M?ori Affairs How can we tap into the talents of mozzies (M?ori young people living in Australia) better?
Transport and Industrial Relations How can we attract and utilise the skills of young Kiwis returning from their OE?
Local Government and Environment How can we maximiseNew Zealand’seconomic benefits and our green credentials for the Rugby World Cup in 2011?
Primary Production Review of factory farming vs free range farming

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