May 19, 2021

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Maori spirituality growing among New Zealanders

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A Massey University communications lecturer says exposure to Maori spirituality is allowing non-Maori New Zealanders to discuss their attitudes to religion more freely Waatea News is reporting.

Heather Kavan, who did her doctorate in religious studies, is part of an international research project gauging attitudes in 45 countries on economic, environmental and social issues, including religion and spirituality.

She says a third of New Zealanders say they are not religious but believe in spiritual forces and Maori practices played a part in that.

The visibility of Maori spirituality has freed a lot of Pakeha up to speak about similar things and I think thats a very good thing because religious intolerance is usually considered to be one of the five main problems threatening the plant, so the more openness and discussion and the more free people feel the better, Dr Kavan says.

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