May 18, 2021

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Matariki celebrations greatly outnumber Queen’s birthday

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“A survey by the Republican Movement has found none of our local authorities will hold celebrations for Queen’s Birthday weekend. New Zealanders are moving away from northern hemisphere celebrations in favour of our own more meaningful winter traditions” said Lewis Holden, chair of the Republican Movement.

Queen’s Birthday is celebrated on the first Monday of June because King Edward VII wanted to make sure his winter birthday was celebrated in better weather.

“Celebrating the change of seasons in Britain when we live on the opposite side of the world makes no sense” continued Mr Holden.

The Republican Movement wrote to all of New Zealand’s district and city Mayors in May. Not one indicated any celebration of the Queen’s Birthday for the upcoming long weekend. Several announced they were holding celebrations for Matariki, the Maori new year.

“New Zealanders are creating celebrations and traditions around Matariki and the Winter solstice. Our survey’s result underlines the irrelevance of Queen’s birthday as a holiday and the monarchy generally to New Zealanders” concluded Mr Holden.


Media contact: Lewis Holden 027 699 1350 (m)

The Republican Movement is a network of New Zealanders who want our head of state to be elected by New Zealanders – either directly or indirectly.

We are committed to:

  • involving all New Zealanders in the republic debate;
  • providing relevant and reliable information;
  • focusing on ideas,
    not personalities;
  • winning a referendum to establish the

Creating a republic does not require any change to the Treaty of
Waitangi, flag or Commonwealth membership. For more information, see
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4 thoughts on “Matariki celebrations greatly outnumber Queen’s birthday

  1. I agree, this time of Matariki / Puaka / Winter Sostice is a time to celebrate the importance of home, family and community. I love the idea of Ahi Kaa. We are working hard on the Dunedin MidWinter Carnival right now and these are the very things that are at the centre of our work.your comments have given me courage and inspiration thankyou

  2. Ki a Hinemarie B.> Y know how we just had Queens birthday well, ko wai ia? It got me thinking about what is important to me. Where is my last bastion gonna be. Ahi Kaa is it for me. Ive dedicated this week to Ahi Kaa. All those whanaunga who keep the home fires burning. The ones who open the marae for hui, the divers of k…aimoana, the kaipatu kararehe for kai, the ringa wera, ringa raupa, my nannies who sit on the roro for hui, my papa who whaikorero ope after ope after ope, my cuzzies who mahi for the whanau and for the kainga. Our kaimahi at the Runanga o Ngaiterangi. The information sharers. Each and everyone of our community is important to me because they maintain a place to stand in the world. Home. At the end of the day without a kainga to return to Id be lost. I love my marae more than the castle, I love my whanau more than the monarchy, I love my Turangawaewae.


    This year the new moon will appear on Monday 14 June 2010; the whole month is filled with celebratory events.

    9 June, 12pm—Seminar by Dr Rangi Mataamua on Te Ahi Kaa at Whakatane Civic Centre

    10 June, 9:30am—He ra whakanui i nga kuia, koroua at Ruatoki School

    16 June, 12pm—Seminar by Professor Pou Temara at the Whakatane Civic Centre

    23 June, 12pm—Seminar by Wiremu Doherty on Matauranga Maori at the Whakatane Civic Centre (

    24 June, 6:00pm—Concert at Little Theatre (Entry $20) proceeds to students at Trident High

    25 June, 6:00pm— “Matariki—Navigating the now” by various artists at the Whakatane Museum & Gallery

  4. Matariki is celebrated for a reason, your right we need this winter "new year",to lift peoples spirits,thank you keep up the fight.

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