May 13, 2021

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Phoenix Renata | Natural Beauty: Makeup for Brown Goddesses

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by Phoenix Renata (TangataWhenua.coms Beauty Advice Expert)

The best thing is to look natural but it takes makeup to look natural Calvin Klein

Less in most cases is more, but when it comes to looking beautifully natural or creating an elegant but effortless appearance it takes more than what meets the eye.

When you see natural looking models in photo shoots who look like they have no makeup on, more than likely they are wearing more makeup than Christina Aguilera in one of her video clips.

It takes countless products, application tools and for celebrities a whole team of style gurus to make skin look absolutely flawless and naturally beautiful. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to achieve a stunning, faultless look when in reality no one is perfect or has the ability to look ideal. Even Marilyn Monroe one of the worlds most beautiful icons, spent 2 to 3 hours doing her makeup before she would be photographed.

Finding a natural makeup look differs for everyone as we all have our own special features, faults and unique beauty. The best place to start is to decide what you like and what you dont then minimize and down play areas you dont like and bring out features you do. Here are 5 top products that will have you well-on-the-way to creating a naturally radiant makeup.


  • Concealer is a marvelous invention that I would be lost without! Not only does concealer hide flaws, cover spots & blemishes, conceal uneven skin tone and pigmentation it can also be used as a makeup base for lipstick and eye shadows to improve their wear.
  • Use concealer where you need it and apply with your fingers for a result that leaves the product blended into your skin.

Bronzing Powder

  • Bronzer is the perfect natural makeup product. Use bronzer to frame your face and contour, use a blush and eye shadow.

Mascara or Eyelash Extensions

  • A must have is mascara, even tinted eyelashes need mascara. It opens up the eye and curves the lashes. So many colours are available. The biggest beauty trend internationally is eyelash extensions, they come in all sorts of different thicknesses and lengths and they mean you dont have to apply mascara at all, so you can have fluttering lashes all the time.


  • Often associated with past fashion beauty blunders, blusher applied correctly can give you a healthy and flattering glow. Apply low on your face below the apples of your cheeks for a subtle and natural look.

Colour Choices for darker skin tones:

  • On Eyes: Go with warm flattering shades like Chocolate brown, golden bronze, forrest green and purple maroons.
  • On Lips: Utilize reds, coral pinks and burgundy berrys for flattering makeup every time.

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