May 18, 2021

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Review of Tekau Plus published

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Te Puni Kokiri Chief Executive Leith Comer has released the Value for Money Report on the Tekau Plus Maori Agribusiness Project.

In March 2010 Te Puni Kokiri and the Maori Trustee, on behalf of Tekau Plus, agreed that a value for money review of the Tekau Plus project would be undertaken by an independent review panel consisting of Pricewaterhouse Coopers; Tony Hartevelt, Deputy Commissioner, State Services Commission; and businessman Whaimutu Dewes.

The Review Panel is of the view that the project needs significant redesigning and refocusing and that it should not continue under the present governance, contracting, performance and institutional arrangements.

The Review Panel does not suggest that the project be discontinued in its entirety but their recommendations do focus on how value for money can be achieved from the remaining funding available to the project, Leith Comer says.

The Review Panel concluded the following:

  • Conflicts of interest were poorly managed
  • Independent governance and input lacking
  • Initial contractual and institutional arrangements complex and unwieldy
  • Processes to manage and prioritise initiatives and participants

The Review Panel concluded that Tekau Plus has achieved some value for the companies involved in the project but this was at a high cost having regard to the project outcomes.

The Panel also concluded that conflicts of interest were managed to an inadequate standard, that the project governance required more independent input, and that the initial contractual arrangements were complex and unwieldy and not optimal.

Te Puni Kokiri intends to appoint an independent advisor and to undertake a stocktake of all commitments made to Tekau Plus cluster members so that these can be met in good faith.

It is then intended that Te Puni Kokiri, the Maori Trustee, Poutama Trust, and Federation of M?ori Authorities will give consideration to whether a redesigned contract can be continued, taking into account the other recommendations in the report.

Click below to listen to Wayne Mulligan speak about the aims of Tekau Plus (managed by Fomana Capital):

Te Karere report on Tekau Plus being suspended:

3 thoughts on “Review of Tekau Plus published

  1. This programme is an overpriced, underperforming, ineffectual, waste of M?ori money. Designed and promoted by over hyped, self interested M?ori business wannabes and their tight iwis and mates. Mulligan is full of MBA jargon and hair brain "systems thinking" all aimed at sucking us mum and pop M?ori businesses that we actually have export potential. Worst still, the report shows that him and Morgan are clipping the consultancy ticket big time for no outcome. $30k invoiced to read some reports and magazine articles – give me a break!

    Yeah, so what if a bit of honey gets to US – that is not the scale that will make us wealthy. I thought that's why we have trade commissioners. FOMA, Fomana, Poutama Trust, and even TPK have been captured by the Wellington brown boys set, all feasting at the trough – and meantime us iwi battlers up north see nothing.

  2. A Hamilton manufacturer, Hayden Pohio, says his involvement in the project led to his first export order of manuka honey bars to the United States.

    The scheme's Maori Trustee, John Paki, says the project met all its contract requirements, as outlined by Te Puni Kokiri.

    He doesn't accept the report's findings and adds says the review accepted value had been delivered in less tangible forms, in terms of contacts, experience and networks.

    (Radio NZ)

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