May 11, 2021

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Tipi Haere Te Reo album release

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Tipi Haere Te Reo was released on Monday 26th July through Ode Distribution. This release ties in with Maori Language Week. This is not a new concept but a concept that will cross many boundaries. This album has brought some of the classic songs that we grew up with, and now these classic songs have been translated into Maori.

Peter Rangiwai, (Ngati Porou), Business Owner and Musician got annoyed listening to the same Maori songs on the radio day in and day out and the seed of this idea was planted many years ago but now is in a physical form.

To help him achieve this dream Hohepa MacDougall (Tuhoe) is a partner in this project and also the key translator from English into Maori. He is a registered translator and contracts to parliament.

They have employed the wonderful vocal talents of some of Aotearoas top Maori talent. This includes:

  • Ruia Aperahama, (Ngati Wharetoa, Nga Whaatua) who has lent his talents to Southside of Bombay and more famous for his album Waiata of Bob Marley.
  • Ria Hall, (Ngati Ranginui) an amazing soul/reggae singer who has worked with the likes of Ardijah, Herbs, the late Phil Fuemana, Hollie Smith just to name a few.
  • Kemara Fuimaono is of Samoan and Maori (Nga Puhi, Ngati Ranginui) descent. Growing up in a musical household he has lent his vocal talents to Iva Lamkum , Carol Henry and Fat Freddys Drop.

To accompany these vocal talents we have some of the best musicians Wellington has to offer such as Rodger Fox, Caleb Robinson, Vaughn Roberts and Neil Billington just to mention a few and to bring this all together to create this album is record producer Dick Le Fort.

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