May 10, 2021

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Wairoa Film Festival honours the people of Hawai’i

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THE WAIROA MAORI FILM FESTIVAL honoured the native people of Hawaii yesterday with the awarding of a new award category at the event.

The MANA WAIROA AWARD is a new category that recognises films that contribute to the advancement of the human rights of indigenous peoples all around the world. The Award is to tautoko (support) and motivate the recipient community in its efforts to advance their goals of realising the potentialities inherent in their values and belief systems that spring from their unique whenua (land), moana (sea) and ranginui (sky) context on Planet Earth.

The inaugural MANA WAIROA AWARD was presented to HAWAII A VOICE FOR SOVEREIGNTY by Catherine Bauknight and the Native Hawaiian people. The Award was presented over LIVE SKYPE VIDEO from the newly anointed DIGITAL MARAE at Kahungunu Marae, Nuhaka.

Festival Director Leo Koziol (who is of Rakaipaaka tribal descent) and Festival Chairperson Huia Koziol (who is a Trustee of the marae) spoke by video with Director Catherine Bauknight, and also via live phone connection with representatives from the Hawaiian indigenous movement who are profiled in the film. Also present at this special event and participating in the SKYPE VIDEO were kaumatua and Trustees of the marae, guest Maori film makers present at the festival, and members of the general public who had just had the privilege of watching the New Zealand premiere of the film.

One of the goals of Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty by filmmaker Catherine Bauknight and the Native Hawaiian people, is to enlighten the world of the truth of Hawaii Nei. It was one year ago June 4th, that the film was released at a private screening at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. On June 21st 2009 it had its public premiere at the Maui Film Festival, and was awarded the Audience Award, Best Hawaii Film. Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty has also screened at venues in Hawaii, NY City, Canada, Los Angeles, and Santa Cruz, CA. These screenings have contributed to achieving the important goal of enlightening the world about the truth of Hawaii Nei.

The links below and the stories that follow contain some of the significant developments since the release of the film.

Trailer of Film/Pasadena Cultural Event/Panel Discussion

KPFK radio interview

Spokesperson Kiowa Gordon

Hawaii Public Radio

LA Talk Radio

The MANA WAIROA AWARD was launched at the fifth annual Wairoa Maori Film Festival (website address is just prior to the Poroporoaki after which film makers from across the country returned home. It is hoped to hold screenings of HAWAII A VOICE FOR SOVEREIGNTY at other locations around the country, including Murupara, Auckland, Levin, Masterton and Wellington.

Many thanks to Te Roopu Whakaata Maori I Te Wairoa Inc. for this awesome panui>


Best Male Actor (Short Film) Aotearoa:Tuhoe Isaac in DAY TRIP

Best Female Actor (Short Film) Aotearoa: Shannon Claire in URU

Best Male Actor (Feature Film) Aotearoa: James Rolleston in BOY

Best Female Actor (Feature Film) Aotearoa: Helen Pearse-Otene in NO PETROL NO DIESEL
Best Non-Human Actor Aotearoa: Leaf in BOY

Best International Indigenous Entry: REEL INJUN by Neil Diamond

Best Aotearoa Feature Drama: STRENGTH OF WATER
by Armagan Ballantyne & Briar Grace-Smith

Best Aotearoa Documentary: THIS WAY OF LIFE by the Karena Family

Aotearoa Short Dramatic Film Audience Award:
URU by Hiona Henare

by Taika Waititi
Producers Ainsley Gardiner, Cliff Curtis, Emanuel Michael
Co Producer Merata Mita


by Catherine Bauknight and the Native Hawaiian people

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