May 18, 2021

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Aa Rau: New Book Show for MTS!! (Looking for Auck Uni Students/Tutors too)

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Aa Rau is a new book show that is being made for Maori Television by White Gloves television production house.

White Gloves is owned by Hira Henderson and Mere Johnston and they will be producing the show. The channel have commissioned 26 half-hour programs with a yet to be confirmed presenter fronting the show. All books chosen will be by Maori or about Maori and Maori issues. The shows format is simple.

Part One will be a discussion on that week’s book with the presenter and a panel oftwo. The panel will change according to the books genre, or subject matter, or in the case of histories maybe the iwi whose history is written about etc.

Part Two will consist of an interview with the author or an authority on the subject.

Part Three will consist of books for senior school students and will be presented by a senior student.

I am currently looking for university students/tutors who are Auckland based and fluent to take part in our panel discussions, this would require them to read a variety of book/s and be available to shoot on Sat 7, sun 8 Aug and Sat 14 and sun 15 Aug.

Please advise if you are able to assist.

Naku noa

Alecia Haua
Production Manager
White Gloves TV

PH: 09 8107204

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