May 19, 2021

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Appreciation of te reo Maori Language grows

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There have been significant gains in positive attitudes towards the Maori language over the last decade, according to the Minister of Maori Affairs, Hon Dr Pita Sharples.

Releasing a summary report of the findings of the 2009 M?ori Language Attitudes Survey today, Dr Sharples attributed this success to support by Maori and non-Maori alike.

“Language thrives on positive reinforcement and acceptance. We have seen a notable change in attitudes to the Maori language over the past nine years, which is something we have all played a part in,” says Dr Sharples.

The survey is conducted every three years, and measures progress towards the government’s goal to increase the status of Maori language by developing positive attitudes towards it among speakers and non-speakers.

Non-Maori acceptance and support for Maori people speaking Maori in public places has almost doubled since 2000, from 40% to 77%. Maori support for the Maori language has remained consistently high over the decade.

We celebrate the progress we have made so far and the positive platform that it provides us for the current review of the Maori language strategy and sector. As the late Sir James Henare said, we have done too much, not to do more, we have come too far, not to go further”.

The 2009 Maori Language Attitudes summary report is available at, with the full report available shortly.

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