May 18, 2021

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Hello supporters!

The last time we sent you a newsletter, things were not looking so good for mobile termination rates (MTRs). The Commerce Commission had recommended that the Government accept undertakings from Vodafone and Telecom to lower their rates gradually, rather than regulate to bring prices down further and quicker.

We are now happy to let you know that the Commerce Commission has since reversed its decision, and is now recommending that Minister Joyce regulate to bring down MTRs to a cost-based level. This means that the mobile companies will only be able to charge what it actually costs them to connect a call or text, rather than up to ten times more than cost!

Mr Joyce has said that he will make his final decision in a timely manner. We think it is high time that the issue of high MTRs is resolved once and for all. Its time to regulate, Mr Joyce! You can email the Minister with your views at [email protected].

Finally, we would like to thank you for your support of the Drop the Rate, Mate! campaign over the past year. Without Kiwis like you expressing their frustration, we may never have got to where we are now with MTRs.

Also, make sure that all your friends have signed up to our campaign at

Drop the Rate, Mate!

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