May 14, 2021

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Cosset Caf embraces Maori language week in Owairaka (Mt Albert)

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The owners of Cosset Caf have decided to awhi (embrace) Maori Language Week 2010 and it seems especially relevant given this years theme of Te Mahi Kai The Language of Food.

Cosset Caf, a cute and quirky establishment specialising in Kokako organic coffee, delicious sweet treats, vegetarian and vegan food has taken it upon themselves to use Te Reo Maori wherever possible this week.

Approaching the caf, you may notice the sign-writing in the window announces that it is Maori Language week and Haere Mai is emblazoned across the door. Step into the warmth of the caf and not only will you most likely hear Maori music on the stereo, you will be greeted with a friendly Kia ora! The next question for you will be exactly what to order, but with the food and drinks labelled in both English and Te Reo, the only difficulty you will have is what to pick! Will it be a slice of keke tiakerete (chocolate cake), a hanawati hua whenua (vegetable sandwich) or a tate (pastry tart)? Then settle down with a copy of a Maori Magazine, or use the ipurangi kore utu (free wireless internet), while you wait for your kai.

Cosset Caf owners Rohan Packard and Kellie Gray have made a real effort to label as much as possible, so as well as the food and drink labelling, you will also find the cutlery, water and even the bathroom labelled bilingually.

With limited knowledge of te reo, they saw the opportunity of Maori Language week to help them better engage with, and further their knowledge and everyday use of the language.

However some inventive use of te reo was utilised where they couldnt find the right terminology. For example the word for soy milk proved elusive, so the (possibly) new term of Miraka kaore i te kau Milk with no cow was coined any corrections are welcomed and will be awarded with a kawhe kore utu (free coffee)!

Cosset Caf is located at 1087 New North Road, at the intersection of Woodward of Richardson Roads, Mt Albert, so call in for some awhi and a great cup of coffee, or check out their facebook page to see whats just fresh out of the kitchen.

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Cosset Caf is a fabulous new caf in Mt Albert specialising in cakes, coffee, vegetarian and vegan food, and this week makes a big commitment to celebrating Maori language!

Contact: Rohan Packard or Kellie Gray
1087 New North Road, Mt Albert
Ph: 09 846 0655 or 021 136 3967
Email: [email protected]

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