May 12, 2021

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Councils are being urged to encourage Maori participation

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The call has come at a Local Government New Zealand meeting in Auckland. The Maori Committee of the organisation says Maori make up just 5.5 percent of local body representatives.

Maureen Waaka from the Rotorua District Council said councils need to promote Maori participation by informing and training them on what councils do.

She said councils need to educate Maori on the fact council plans are the recipe for the future and if they want to have a part in that, they have to get involved. Mangaging Director was just recently elected to the Te Arawa Standing Committee and has been fielding calls from whanau who need his support (for example Fordlands Community members who want to stop yet another Liquor outlet from opening in their community), he has found the work incredibly rewarding and agrees, we need more Maori!

Local elections are coming up and we NEED you, not only to vote but to represent and stand!

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