May 7, 2021

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Digital Indigenous Ltd to lead clinical leadership training

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Executive Director of Nursing with the Auckland DHB and Nga Manukurao Apopo Sponsor, Taima Campbell, says Tomorrow’s Clinical Leaders Programme is designed to provide emerging and advanced Maori leaders in nursing and midwifery with theory, practical tools and opportunities to gain the skills and knowledge to take on and excel in clinical leadership roles.

We’re delighted that Digital Indigenous has accepted this appointment. We’re confident they have the depth and breadth of experience to make our programme a ‘must do’ and career highlight for Maori nurses and midwives with leadership potential to develop, or leadership positions to advance,” says Ms Campbell.

Training will be provided to one cohort of emerging leaders and one cohort of advanced leaders each year for four years. Each cohort will take part in an eight-day programme comprising four two-day noho marae over a four-month period.

Digital Indigenous CEO, Tania Hodges welcomes the partnership and says the Clinical Leadership training programme will benefit from the experience they have gained through delivering other leadership programmes for Maori in public health, disability and nursing.

The Clinical Leadership training programme will introduce participants to a variety of topics focusing on Maori leadership styles, communication techniques, project management, strategic thinking, building teams and innovation. It will encourage them to reflect on their own capabilities and strengths as well,” she says. “The training will also introduce participants to some of our foremost Maori leaders across a variety of sectors.

Ms Hodges says the programme has been specifically designed for Maori and will provide a safe, but challenging environment for participants to explore issues around leadership and strengthen networks across the country by fostering whanaungatanga, strategy sharing and mentoring among M?ori nurses and midwives.

Enrolments in the first cohort for the Advanced Leaders training starting at the end of October will be accepted from Monday 26 July.

Health consultancy, Digital Indigenous, has been selected to lead the Maori Clinical Leadership training for national Maori nursing and midwifery workforce development programme Nga Manukurao Apopo.

For further information: please contact Paula Yeatman 0274830021, Cathrine Waetford 0212762630 or Taima Campbell 021442476.

About Digital Indigenous

This Maori owned and led health consultancy provides training, advice, project management and consultancy services within the health sector in New Zealand to organisations seeking support in advancing Maori health. Services include training, workforce development, research, planning, management, governance, strategic advice and report writing. They have extensive expertise in both designing and providing a range of health training programmes. Tania Hodges and Grant Berghan will co-facilitate the Clinical Leadership training for the national Maori nursing and midwifery workforce development programme Nga Manukura o Apopo.

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