May 12, 2021

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Phoenix Renata | Its all in the eyes

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A big shout out to Phoenix who features in the most recent issue of Mana magazine – woohoo!

Modern makeup is all about the eyes. In the past twenty years there has been a big shift in makeup taking focus from the lips to the eyes. The most popular and requested makeup looks involve the eyes being a focal point. With the busy lives we lead eye makeup fits in with our schedules, eye makeup lasts longer, stays put and means we dont have to constantly re apply throughout the day and night. A nude lip to compliment brighter or darker eyes means we dont need to constantly worry about the state of our lipstick as light shades are easier to maintain.

Here are some funky ways of doing your eye makeup that will enhance and flatter eyes of any shape colour and size.

The Smoky Eye

Popular for its sexiness and versatility, the smoky eye is the look of our time and the most requested eye makeup of the decade. The key to creating a perfect smoky eye is blending.

  • You will need a kohl eye pencil, a dark eye shadow and a great blending brush.
  • Apply the pencil on your eye lid and smudge bringing up to the crease of the eye.
  • Over set the pencil with the shadow and use the blending brush to create a powdery smoky finish.

TIP: Smokey eyes do not need to be black or grey, mix it up by using dark greens and deep plums to get a smoky eye with a difference.

The Flicked Liquid Eyeliner Eye

Liquid Eyeliner looks incredibly elegant and sophisticated. For an ultra feminine and powerful eye makeup, use liquid eye liner. It helps open and lift eyes and looks trendy at the same time. The key to perfect liquid eyeliner is a steady hand.

  • You will need liquid eyeliner in a colour that suits you best, and a satin textured eye shadow.
  • Apply a highlighter eye shadow that has a shimmery satin finish all over the eye. This gives the eyes a beautiful base with a bit of texture to compliment the liquid eye liner.
  • With a steady hand (practice makes perfect) apply liquid eyeliner from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. Flick the line on an upward slant as you reach the outer corner. Wait for the liner to dry before applying mascara.

TIP: Tilt your head back when applying liquid eyeliner in front of the mirror this separates your eye crease from touching your eyelid which means you wont get a stain of liquid eyeliner on your upper eye.

The Metallic Eye

There are many stunning metallic eye shadows and pigments, take your pick and have fun with the amazing eye makeup technology cosmetic brands offer. Metallic eye makeup is daring and ultra luscious. The key to perfect metallic eye makeup is to keep it simple.

  • You will need a metallic shimmer and a thickening mascara.
  • Metallic eye shimmers give an attention-grabbing result, keep the eyes simple by just applying the metallic shimmer on its own to eye lids and blend up to the brow bone.
  • Finish with a double layer of thickening mascara to open and widen the eyes and you will create a look that really stands out.

TIP: When using your eye shadow brush to apply the metallic shimmer, use patting motions with the brush. Try not to flick your brush as this only leads to shimmer dropping onto your face.

By Phoenix Renata

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