May 9, 2021

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Maori Business Network panui now out (Aromai 34)

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The latest Aromai panui is now out, this edition covers Anzac, the passing of whaea Merata Mita and questions of faith.

Here is an excerpt:

This years service at Te Wairua Tapu, the 7th in as many years, was a special one with the relationship between the New Zealand Veterans and the church of Te Wairua Tapu on show for all to see. The soft hum of the staff car of the commander of the fleet with the driver ready at a moments notice conveyed the real status of the members of the congregation.

Guest of Honour Sir Ian Turpie thanked the congregation for allowing him to lead this years march through the streets of Sydney. Sir Ian so eloquently noted the futility of war but also having experienced his radio man be killed within an arms reach, asked the question, how does God discriminate when calling souls to his side.

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