May 7, 2021

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NZ based Ki-o-rahi team gets support from UK bowlers

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A GROUP of bowlers are raising money to help some young New Zealanders travel to the UK to play a native rugby game.

The sportsmen, from Enfield Bowling Club held a bring-and-buy sale, competitions, a raffle and a bowls game on 19 July.

The fun kicked off at 2.30pm at the club, in Cecil Road, Enfield Town.

The club hopes to raise enough money to help a group of young New Zealanders travel to London for six-days in September to play Ki-o-Rahi, a Maori ball game.

Organiser Deidre Nicholls said: “It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The bowlers looked stunning in their black and white and we made a lot of money towards the teams expenses.”

She added: “The team are very pleased to be supported by the club. Not only are we raising money for them, but several club members have offered to put up a club member in their homes. They have done a lot of fundraising, including raffles and barbecues, and have been saving hard.”

During their stay, the group, whose ages range from 15-30, will be teaching the game at The Latymer School, in Haselbury Road, Edmonton, and Saracen’s Rugby Club, in Green Road, Cockfosters, on Sunday, September 19.

The team will also be traveling to France and Germany to compete in a Ki-O-Rahi tournament.

Ki-o-rahi is played betwceen two teams of seven players on a circular field with a small ball called a ki.

Players score points by touching the boundary markers and hitting a central target.

The game is thought to have been introduced to Europe by solders of the Maori Battalion who fought alongside the Allies in both World Wars. Although unknown in Britain, ki-o-rahi is played widely on the continent and in America.

IF you don’t know much about Kiorahi, check out this YouTube clip:

Kia ora to the Enfield Independent for this story.

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