May 19, 2021

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Pre-Uni course for Maori students interested in Health Sciences

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Applications are now open for the 2011 intake to the Tu Kahika programme the health sciences course at the University of Otagos Foundation Year to prepare for entry to the University of Otagos Health Sciences First Year, or other health related studies in 2012. The Tu Kahika Award covers tuition fees and provides assistance towards the cost of accommodation (at a University Residential College) as well as pastoral, cultural, social and professional mentoring. An outline of the programme, with a downloadable application form, is available on the website

Tu Kahika is a pre-university course designed to support Maori students to improve academic ability in health science subjects, and support students culturally, socially and professionally to prepare for future studies.Applications are now open for the 2011 intake. We are offering 25 places. We will meet the tuition fees for the one year Foundation Year health sciences course, and students will receive $4,000 towards the cost of their accommodation at one of the University Residential Colleges. We have a dedicated Kaiarahi Maori, Ms Zoe Bristowe, to mentor the students throughout the year, and we offer pastoral and academic care through our many support networks on campus.

Students targeted for Tu Kahika are those who:

  • are of Maori descent
  • show academic potential and interest in health sciences and Maori health issues, and want to pursue a career in health
  • may not have completed relevant science papers to Year 13, or may have fallen slightly below desirable NCEA achievement levels
  • may benefit from an interim year to polish their academic qualifications through intensive transition studies to prepare them for first year university health sciences papers or other health related studies.

We would like to reach out to our communities to share information about this programme, and encourage our young people to apply.

Mean Otago for not going the way of Waikato Universitywhich have cancelled it’s Maori bridging courses for mainstream alternatives, we are pleased that not all universities are moving in that direction…

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