May 12, 2021

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Progressive Enterprises recognised for Maori Language Week initiatives

2 min read would like to give a shout out to Progressive Enterprises Limited, New Zealand’s largest single grocery company, for its landmark contribution to this year’s Te Wiki o te reo Maori.

This year, in an exceptional show of support for Maori Language Week and its theme, Te Mahi Kai: The Language of Food, Progressive Enterprises is running a number of significant initiatives throughout its 152 stores.

The corporation’s Countdown, Woolworths and Foodtown mailers are themed for Maori Language Week 2010, with Maori translations of recipes, measurements and shopping lists. Close to 1.4 million will be distributed nationally.

Progressive Enterprises has also incorporated the “Te Mahi Kai” logo on in-store posters and stickers (that all check-out staff will wear for the week) and has produced signs that display the words for everyday food items, such as bread, and their Maori translation, e.g. paraoa. These signs have been placed on shelves next to the items, so that every customer is sure to encounter them. Two Maori Language Week scripts will be broadcast on the in-store radio, across all stores, throughout the week.

The company has produced Maori Language Week press ads that will feature in major metropolitan and regional newspapers and TV spots with Maori translations.

The official launch of Maori Language Week 2010 was held this morning (26 July 2010) at the Grey Lynn Countdown store, where it was broadcast on Breakfast TV.

New Zealand Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres presented the Human Rights Commissions On the Bright Side award to the company.

“A few years ago, the Commission recognised a single grocery store in Ruatoria for its use of te reo Maori. Today, its great to be recognising such a large corporation with multiple chains of supermarkets throughout New Zealand,” said Mr de Bres.

“Every year, there is at least one stand-out contribution to Maori Language Week a programme or project that promotes the use of te reo to the wider New Zealand public in a new way and takes us one step closer to becoming a truly bilingual society. This year, Progressive Enterprises has helped us move nearer to that goal.”

To find out more about Maori Language Week events, visit the Human Rights Commission website.

1 thought on “Progressive Enterprises recognised for Maori Language Week initiatives

  1. Kia ora not too sure what this comment box is really for, but i thought i would add my comment in the promotion of Te Reo o te Wiki. I am a father of four girls and currently a firefighter in Gisborne. When my youngest daughter Te Kotuku started Kimihia Te Kupu Te Kohanga Reo here in Gisborne in 1999 – there were no language resourcs that would develop her self care skills in other words promote a safe playing environment for her. at that time i was a single parent and did not want any serious harm to come to her and so decided to research, develop and manufacture Maori educational resources that would promote her well-being.

    Since that time i now provide in te reo Maori the following educational resources mainly into our Te Kohanga Reo here in the Tairawhiti. Puzzles, books, stories on CD. My latest projects now include a soft toy that korero Maori and with support from Ma Tereo i will be publishing anohter 5 books. My website address is apart from the CD and soft toy most of our Kohanga Reo in Tairawhiti have these resources.

    When Te Kotuku was 6 years old she had hot tea spilt over the upper half of her body, i can vividly remember the pain she would go through as i would attempt to change her wet dressings from her weeping burn for dry ones – my heart would go out to her during these times. And for the last 10 years i have been committed to the development of promoting a safe playing environment for our tamariki, through te reo Maori – he mokopuna he taonga.

    I am delighted to say my daughter Te Kotuku who is now 13 years old is growing up to be a mature young lady relatively free from any serious harm and pray she continues to do so.


    Allan Brown

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