May 11, 2021

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Stolen, twice. Unauthorised Docu-Drama set to air – please consider NOT watching!

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STOLEN – A docu-drama based on the real life 2002 kidnapping of Baby Kahu Durie is causing controversy and has not even aired yet.

Reports are circulating via emails and on Social Media sites such as Facebook that the film produced by South Pacific Pictures and set to run on TV3 tomorrowhas not been authorised by the Duriewhanau.

Theimpression from publicity surrounding the film gave a falseimpression that the Durie whanau had agreed to the film, however this seems to not be the case. In fact whanau only learnt about the film from a chance encounter with a member of the New Zealand Film Commission (correction: the NZ Film Commission did NOT fund this doco as earlier stated/it was funded by NZ on Air – Ed). The Duriewhanau had not been approached earlier by South Pacific Films. In fact only the birth father had been approached and he had not agreed either and had engaged a lawyer to say so.

Advice given to the Durie Whanau was that the film could not be stopped on legal grounds of privacy because the subject is a matter of public interest. However, the ethical issues relating to the prospective impact on an 8 year old child is significant and should not be negated.

We had to think hard about writing this article (because of the media it may generate) but want to get this korero out to the people, will not be watching this documentary out of respect for the Durie whanau and hope that whanau around the motu willthink about these issues before they choose to watch or note.

Justimagine if it was YOUR child… your whanau…

So, please respect the privacy of the whanau and give consideration to this when thinking about whether to watch.

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