May 19, 2021

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Te Arawa Rangatahi Leadership Wananga

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Te Arawa Rangatahi Leadership Wananga

Over three hectic days in June, 15 Te Arawa rangatahi (youth) aged 17-24 gathered at Tunuhopu Marae to discuss, explore and learn about leadership in Te Arawa. The objective of the wananga (forum) was to build on our rangatahis confidence, connections and contribution as future leaders of Te Arawa. It was a huge success with Rangatahi keen to make a lasting contribution to Te Arawas development. The forum was a nurturing and uplifting environment in which I gained knowledge and could reflect and build on my leadership skills commented participant Hinerangi Rhind-Wiri.

These rangatahi were identified by their communities as people who had demonstrated leadership potential. The calibre of these young people was very impressive, Te Arawa will be in good hands for years to come if this is a reflection of our future leaders said programme coordinator Taria Tahana. Tahana also noted that these rangatahi are going to be key leaders in 15 to 30 years time and that the wananga was aimed at assisting them in their leadership journeys as well as encouraging them to think about their leadership within Te Arawas future.

Participants were exposed to a variety of Te Arawas leaders and achievers including Te Ururoa Flavell, Kingi Biddle, Te Waiti Richards, Eruera Morgan and Jaylene Tamati. Rangatahi also had the opportunity to meet with fifteen Te Arawa Rangatakapu (emerging Te Arawa leaders in the 25 45 year age group) who have made themselves available to mentor and support these rangatahi.

Of course it cant be all work and no play. Rangatahi alsotook part in a number of fun activities over the wananga including; zumba, a top town, ti rakau and learning waiata and have forged long-term relationships that support and strengthen Te Arawas development.

As part of the programme participants completed an individual leadership plan outlining their future goals, objectives and plans and are meeting regularly with mentors to support their leadership development.

The Forum was facilitated by Haimona Gardiner, Olivia Gibbons, Arapeta and Taria Tahana who are all keen to see more leadership programmes for Te Arawa Rangatahi. We are most appreciative to the Ministry of Youth Development for their financial support towards growing Te Arawas future leaders..

Te Arawa Rangatahi Leadership Wananga June 2010

The programme was funded by the Ministry of Youth Development

Many thanks to Arapeta Tahana for this korero and respect to Taria Tahana and Olivia Gibbons for all the tautoko they share with this talented group rangatahi.

Also, mihi atu ki a Te Karere for this video from the Wananga:

Future leaders of Te Arawa facing up to the issues ahead

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  1. kia ora mo tenei! It is with hope that other iwi can follow something similar! The voices of our young people need to be heard, nga mihi!

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