May 8, 2021

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Toni Huata’s newest album to be launched

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From London’s smoky jazz clubs, to Europe’s music festivals, to back home in the heart of New Zealand’s Te Papa Tongarewa. Toni Huata’s strength as a performer, style, warmth and depth as a song writer, allows her to stand confidently in Aotearoa and abroad.

To coincide with Maori Language Week, being one of the final events, Toni presents her third, beautifully crafted album, Whiti – to shine, transcend and be transported. It is my hope that Whiti will uplift people. To me Whiti is a positive affirmation and celebration of life, says Toni.

Toni is launching Whiti at 2pm, Sunday, 1st August 2010, on level 4, Te Marae, Te Papa. This is where she also launched her first album Te Maori E as a dramatic show 9 years ago.

Whiti will be available nationwide on the 2nd August through Ode Distribution.

To take you on this musical journey Toni employed the talents of Maaka McGregor to co-produce this album. Gareth Farr lends his talents to Taku Tamaiti e the core inspiration of Whiti while long time collaborator Charles Royal composed the track Koa. Toni was delighted when asked by Te Taite Cooper to do the M?ori classic Te Hokinga Mai 26years after the original release and is thankful for the delicate guitar renditions that Karl Teariki has played on this song also River Person and Soul True. Hira Huata also supports Toni with the dialect of their wh?nau from Ng?ti Kahungunu.

Toni brings forth sounds and feelings from the past, mixes it with today’s international musical influences to present a sound for the future Tu Mai Magazine, NZ.

Hailing from Hastings in Hawke’s Bay and surrounded by an eclectic array of influences Toni affiliates to Ngti Kahungunu and Rongowhakaata tribes.

“Her stunning voice has been heard before but ‘Te Maori e’ is a visual and aural delight” – Real Groovy, NZ

Toni is a songstress, actor, tutor and director, having performed around the world, including support to The Neville Brothers (USA) and voice work for Peter Jacksons blockbuster movie – King Kong. Toni has toured and performed in London – England, Basque, Spain, Holland, Germany, Canada, Australia, Hawaii, Rarotonga, Palau, America Samoa and more recently Manila, Philippines.

On the national stage she received many accolades for her starring role in the popular show Maui One Man against the Gods.

Toni Huata brings serene strength to Hine, and shows great focus and vocal control, by continuing to sing with effortless beauty, as she flies across the stage. Theatre review, NZ

With 2010 bringing the release of her third solo album Whiti, Toni is looking at touring back home before returning overseas, to perform her new music once again.

“The beautiful vocal power of Toni Huata” – Evening Post, NZ

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  1. I live in the continental US. I have been desperately trying to purchase a copy of Maui – One Man Against the Gods DVD and CD. Does anyone know where I can order a copy?

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