May 15, 2021

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Tu Tahi Tonu: Moving Forward with the Qld Maori Community and QPS Policing

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Haere Mai to the Queensland Maori Community

Tu Tahi Tonu Community Consultative Committee General Committee Meeting and Moving Forward with the Qld Maori Community and QPS Policing

Date: Wednesday 14th of July 2010
Time: 6.00PM
Where: Logan Central Police, 11 Civic Parade, Logan Central, Qld 4114

  • Identify potential issues of concern between Qld Policing & Maori Community
  • Discuss, plan and develop effective strategies & time management
  • Prioritize order of importance/or allocate Members active rolls in establishing & maintaining strategies
  • Monitor outcomes of strategies implemented

We are starting 30 minutes earlier with the General Meeting so that we may move on to the above initiative at 6.30pm.

Please bring any concerns and your invaluable ideas in regards and any important contacts, Name, Address, Ph/Mob, Email i.e Youth, Alcohol & Drug, Domestic Violence, Social Services, etc for the TTT Database that our Community can access 24/7.

Brenda Cookson will be the only Police present at this hui as this is an opportunity for the Committee Members & Maori Community to get together, open the floor in discussions, plan and present to the Queensland Police Service our ideas and to move forward in this initiative.

Please bring a plate for supper.

RSVP: Tues 13th of July to the Secretary

The spoken word is only as strong as the action

Apologies if you have received this email previously.

Welcome to forward to whanau and friends.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me in the first instance.

Naku noa na

Christel Broederlow

Ph: (07) 5546-6188 Mob: 0433-814485

Who is Tutahi Tonu?

You do not have to hold a committee position to be part of Tutahi Tonu, the more we have the wider the net to reach

This is a community driven committee

Examples of the mahi are:

To liaise Maori / Kiwi officers within your area and link up;

Assist with community events in your area with QPS and QPSA;

Workshops / Forums in your area re any police issues, recruitment or advice to community about Domestic violence, crime prevention, rangatahi groups’ etc within your area;

Promote partnership between Police and Maori Community;

Act as an agent where Police can make representation at a local level with government agencies or other for purpose of improving the service provided by police;

Assist with use of PCYC in Brisbane wide ( day bookings, noho wananga,);

Give the Maori community the awareness of Police Service policies, ideas and directions;

Assisting with supporting and/or organising wananga workshops involving discussions of police / community issues with QPS officers;

Promote positive relationship between Maori and QPS;

And more…

In the last 18 months:

Maori Quick Reference Guide completed and forwarded to headquarters for QPS reference and implemented
Bookings of PCYC for groups
Liaising with community for police and recruits to attend community events and schools
Creating links to other areas to establish connections with New Zealand officer/ Child Safety / Youth conferencing / Multicultural QLD / PPO and PINN and schools
Personal assistance by Maori Police for whanau when we have been contacted by members of the Maori community for advice with police matters, or require korero with rangatahi etc and one on one suppport
Supporting a group being formed within the QPS – The New Zealand group – the first in Australia – aiming at group being prepared for going out into the community ,writing own haka etc and taking our QPS hierarchy back home for NZP conference in 2011.
Attending schools that have a high Maori presence
Running two wananga for Police Recruitment aiming at Maori and Pacific Island applicants ( 80 persons attending in total) – and continued follow up by District Recruiting Officers
Assisting with Distribution of Free Te Reo Packages
Attending school when rangatahi are requiring direction’ or advice’

I thank you for your support

Kaua e rangiruatia te ha o te hoe, e kore to tatou waka e u ki uta
Don’t lift your paddles out of unison or our canoe will never reach the shore.

“This proverb serves to emphasise the importance of all working together to succeed in any joint project.

Noho ora mai ra, na


Brenda Cookson
Senior Constable
Jacobs Well Police Beat
Logan District Recruiting Officer
Ph: 5546 2377
Fax: 5546 2311
[email protected]

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