May 11, 2021

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TVI Express

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Kia ora koutou katoa nga mihi nui mai i to tatau matua nui i Te Rangi.

Here’s a money makingweb-site i want to sharewith you,

It generates an income by talking,showing & net-working with People,Whanau,Friends & anyone else you want to share this business with,here in Aotearoa & Over-seas.

The natural reaction with most Peopleis to be cautious,careful, negativity & skepticism,a natural humane response,i can deal with that kai te pai,but at this stage i just want you allto have a look for your-selves and see how it works.

The benefits & Financial gain it will create for you,far out weighs the one time payment to start you off,is in my opinion over shadows the doubts & Awangawanayou might have in seeing how its structured & the belief in the system that it really does work, Whanau helping Whanau & so on,for me i want to get out of this rut im in,i want to be able to not worry about paying my bills,i believe this venturein TVIexpress will help me & my Family achieve all of this,koi na ra mo naia nei,naku noa.

na Tio Tio (Joseph) Temo.

* does not endorse this product – we are posting online to share opportunities found by our readers and in no way have affiliations with this site/service. Kia ora.

7 thoughts on “TVI Express

  1. Thanks again, I personally HATE MLMs and note how they seem to take very unique advantadge of the ways in which Maori and PI whanau communicate and interact…

    I hate seeing whanau do heaps of mahi and get something like .0003% of someone else's .00003%


  2. For a summary of all the problems with TVI Express, read this:

    TVI Express has been declared as pyramid scheme by Hungary. For this, and other actual newspaper reports on TVI Express, read this:

    All the evidence are cited, and links provided. Please do NOT take my word for it. Check them yourself. Then ask TVI Express promoters to explain them. THEN verify their explanations. In fact, take along the following questions:

    TVI Express promoters will likely question my motivation, claim I am either with a rival MLM company, or I am a part of some conspiracy to keep people poor. Do not be distracted. What I am has nothing to do with credibility of my evidence or my viewpoint.

  3. TVI Express is an INTERNATIONAL SCAM! Do NOT join!

    They say they are headquartered in London, but they are NOT registered as a company in UK! They are registered in Cyprus, where Bin Laden and Russian Mafia launder their money!

    Their office in Uxbridge (NOT London) is a virtual office where you can rent for less than 200 pounds a month!

    It has NO products to sell! What they claim is a product is only sold to members, so it is NOT a network marketing company! Its own FAQ says you do not have to sell ANY products! Then where does the money come from? From the $250 you pay them when you join! So how does it afford to pay you $10000? You only get paid $10000 when you recruit 200+ people under you! That is a PYRAMID SCHEME! It sells NOTHING! They cheat by separating it into two separate pyramids, and claim it's only 14 people under you, but you have to go through TWO of them! Their own FAQ explains this, but in a roundabout way!

    TVI Express is under investigation in Australia, where the 3 being investigated is now also facing contempt of court charges, in addition to running pyramid scheme!

    TVI Express members have been ARRESTED AND CONVICTED AND JAILED in China!

    TVI Express is NOT legal in the United States, based on the criteria defined by the most pro-MLM attorney in the US, Mr. Gerald Nehra!

    TVI Express is under investigation in Georgia (the country) and Tajikstan!

    TVI Express is being SUED by Lufthansa, and Marriott for using their logos and claiming them as "strategic partners"!

    Do NOT JOIN! This has nothing to do with negativity! This has everything to do with doing the right thing! Any one you recruit will HATE you when they find out the truth!

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